An exciting action game Sniper Sniper Fury 

A new gameplay in the style of sniper games 
Unrivaled bullet balloon display with fantastic scenes

Note: The game is completely online.

In this war, diplomacy is not bad and you have to step in. We are looking for the best Sniper in the world to be one with us and to destroy wherever evil is hidden. The Sniper Fury has been featured by Gameloft’s famous and well-known French gaming company, and has been able to captivate many lightweight players and sniper-style gamers. It’s worth noting that the game of sniper rage by the company GameLight (which was founded by the famous company Ubisoft ) is the creator of high-powered games such as Asphalt8: Airborne, Modern Combat5: Blackout, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Dungeon Hunter 5, NOVA 3 and many other wonderful games that have created a huge transformation in the Android gaming industry.

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Features :

  • Over 130 stages and head-to-head missions
  • Fantastic and incredible 3D graphics
  • Various groups of enemies: soldiers, armored cars, air units and …
  • A very nice image and a graphic from bullet to head
  • Sand storms, blizzards, stormy and stormy rains and other atmospheric effects
  • Various weapons such as sniper rifles, machine guns, rails and other supersonic guns
  • Collecting valuable items and items to upgrade your military ammunition
  • Ability to customize and customize weapons with your taste
  • Ability to play in PvP mode and gain other player’s spells
  • And many other unique features

Introducing Sniper Fury

The Sniper Fury game is one of the best, most powerful, and most surprising FPS shooter games you’ve ever experienced on Android devices.In the game of Snapey’s anger, each of the enemies and the various items are so diverse and realistic that they give each character a unique character, because they have a very strong artificial intelligence system that is exclusively for this The game is made to be natural. The scenes of the bullet movement are also very stylish and exciting, and you will surely be amazed. In the description of this game, you should not marginalize and you just have to say, “Enter the war and remember that One Shot = One Kill!”