In this new game, like other strategic games, you have to build your territory and protect it by building powerful armies to fight your enemies and keep your rule.

Son Kale


  • Ability to share and watch awesome animated battles
  • A world-class, innovative design with stunning design
  • Connect with global unions and form teams with different members
  • It has 8 different cities with excellent simulations and build and upgrade them
  • The possibility of social communication with real players and the intelligent implementation of the army
  • Real-time Real-Time Battle Experience with online friends and live
  • Featuring spectacular graphics in the form of hd and 3d, and thrilling and engaging sound

Have plundered yourself. Use these resources to upgrade your combat equipment and make your history history. Includes 8 different cities and the ability to build each one as you want, real-time battle experience with online friends, attacking online users around the world for To loot resources, training troops to send war to other users, the possibility of forming an alliance or joining a friends alliance, etc., is an indicator of this feature that has been able to well distinguish it from other similar games in this field. Shazd There’s also spectacular graphics in the form of a 3d hd and this game is admired and can entertain you for hours.