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Soul Knight v1.4.2 MOD Apk is Available !

Soul Knight is an engaging action game

Has a unique controller in guiding characters

Soul Knight is one of the top action games from Google Play. The game, made by the Chilly Room Studio, has been able to download more than 1 million times from Google Play. It’s usually accompanied by busy and confusing action games, but at first we tell you that this game is different from most action games, and the features and features of this game are really unique to the rivals.

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Features :

  • Have different heroes in different parts of the game
  • Access to more than 120 types of weapons
  • Has a powerful mechanism for targeting
  • With various enemies with a variety of powers and powers
  • Graphic simulation and HD
  • Attractive sound
  • Ability to direct the characters professionally

Introducing Soul Knight

In this game, your enemies have come to your head professionally and have stolen magic stones from your land at the height of the technology of the day. The main task of this stone was to maintain the balance of the world in various fields and sectors that have been stolen. In the meantime, you are in the role of a hero in the game that you must take off the stone from your enemies and restore calm to the rest of your body and planet. To achieve this goal, many heroes will help you.

In front of you, you will have 120 types of weapons each with a certain strength. The game has a graphic in the form of HD, with professional soundtrack you can entertain yourself for hours.

Soul Knight 3
Soul Knight 1

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