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Sandklevel’s site is known as one of the largest music sharing websites where you can access any music with its textual content. Sandlock site includes all the songs from various artists around the world, which can be easily accessed to any one you like.

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  • Covering tracks that you will never find anywhere else
  • Listen to favorite tracks and artists with country differences
  • Connect to your favorite friends and artists to listen to their favorites
  • Personalize the listening experience by placing them in the favorites list
  • Making playlists for parties, exercises, hiking, and more.
  • Stop, start again, skip tracks through the Lock Screen
  • Sign in or register via Facebook, Google Plus or by email

SoundCloud is the official app for Android users that allows you to access all the features that are available in Sandlock. With the help of this program, you can listen to different songs and enjoy their original quality. This app lets you listen to songs in different qualities.

On the Sandcastle website, you will have access to songs that you will not find anywhere else in them; you just have to find them by searching the song you want. You can put your favorite song in your favorite list so you can easily access them later so you can listen to them. You also have the ability to create playlists for various occasions from Sandcastles.