Display of speed cameras Speed ​​camera radar

Supports cameras in Iran

Possibility to display fixed cameras

Speed ​​camera radar is a program for identifying road hazards such as speed control cameras, red light dumps, roadside bumpers, and other roadways. The most important application of this app is the tracking and warning of the location of fixed police cameras on the road.



  • Night mode by adjusting the screen brightness of the screen
  • 3D mode support for map display
  • Auto zoom and rotate map along the way
  • Show current speed
  • Daytime updates on a daily basis
  • Supports audio alerts
  • Supports working in the background of the phone or other navigation apps
  • Displays driving lights

The Speed ​​Camera radar lets you easily locate cameras that control the speed of the police through your mobile phone and be careful not to exceed the speed limit in these places.

Using this software can be very useful to avoid having police fines along the way you go. The software also has the ability to display the speed grips inside the road. The ability to display roads that are damaged and move quickly can cause damage to your car, as well as another feature of the powerful Speed ​​Camera radar software.

Note: This app has a map of Iran for displaying speed controllers and speed control cameras, but you must download it from your database so you can use it.