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Stick War Legacy v1.4.23 MOD Apk is Available !

Beautiful and attractive Stick War Legacy game

Another version of the Stickman series 
Two-dimensional and fantasy graphics 
Comes with a simple and yet very entertaining gameplay in strategy style 
Canada’s Max Games Studios studio product

Are you an enthusiast and a fan of the series of animations and steak games? In this case, we will offer you an incredible Stick War Legacy game. We will assure you that this exciting game will keep you entertained and fascinated by you for a long time.

At first glance, this game is a very simple style, while the game, like its predecessors, has a different and difficult stage that will challenge any player. Stick War Legacy is one of the most entertaining and simple two-dimensional games. In this article, we will introduce the website and review it.


Features :

  • Simple and two-dimensional and fantasy graphics
  • Mental gameplay in the style of strategy games
  • Ability to upgrade after game completion
  • Ability to use various sources such as gold and …
  • The game is compact
  • Optimization of game graphics details
  • The existence of war techniques
  • Ability to use different weapons
  • Ability to train and use various combat forces

Introducing and reviewing Stick War Legacy

One of the best and most popular games that has had its own fans for many years and has so far only been in the computer, it has now come to Android devices and has been able to attract a large number of players. The Stick War Legacy game is available for Android devices by Max Games Studios Canada. The Stick War Legacy game is happening in a world called Inamorta. A world in which every nation, with its attacking and defensive technology, is trying to capture another nation’s territory.

All other nations of the game worship their weapons as gods and they intend to attack you, but you lead a nation called Order, your lifestyle is peace and tranquility, your people have their weapons Do not worship the title of God, you control a lot of steaks or black men in Stick War Legacy. You can build your gold mine and then build your own forces and lead them. Your forces are made up of swords, archeries, spearheads and even demons, and you must lead them with their own strategy and tact, towards the sculptures and territory of the enemy, and ultimately, the victory and capture of all enemy territories. take. In this way, you will have to face the tough challenges that you will have to take on strategic and combat techniques to overcome these challenges.

Stick War Legacy graphics and gameplay

Like all previous series of games in this style of graphics, the game Stick War Legacy has a charming two-dimensional beauty. If you do not see the Stickman series and do not know, you’ll be one of the favorites of the Stickman series by downloading this game. The ability to fight battles and group engagement of soldiers will provide a very interesting picture for players in the game.

In addition, the gameplay style of the game and the fighting of the soldiers are designed to make the player feel the full sense of the style of the ancient wars in their minds. The great coloring of the Stick War Legacy environments is another great point of the game. Stick War Legacy has become more than 5 million times downloaded on Google Play for one of the most popular games in my Stick Games series

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