Stickman Revenge 3 Action Games

Normal version + Modified version 
Vietnam’s Zonmob Tech studio product

The Stickman Revenge 3 is an action – oriented game, developed by the famous Vietnamese gaming studio Zonmob Tech for iOS and Android platforms, released on iTunes and Google Play , which has been downloading more than 500,000 times. And the installer. Two-dimensional short animations and a lot of previously-released two-dimensional animations featured popular and famous animations, Stickman, which has several other games of this character that has many fans.

Stickman Revenge 3


  • Tapping or various techniques, jumping, running away
  • The presence of big and dangerous bosses at the end of the stages
  • Enticing and addictive gameplay
  • Stunning and fantasy graphics
  • There are various enemies

  Introducing and reviewing the game Stickman Revenge 3 : 

After the release of the second version of the Stickman Revenge 2 revenge that has won many fans, the Vietnamese studio Zonmob Tech has decided to design the third version of the game after the release of this version, there are still many fans. It is dedicated.

Stickman Revenge 3 has a fascinating and addictive gameplay that you can fill your leisure with stunning graphics. You are the main character of the game (Steichen), which should take your family from your enemies. There are many different enemies in the game, each fighting with a separate technique, and you have to destroy them by knocking them out or by various techniques, or reach the big and dangerous bosses that are at the end of each stage. And break them up to leave the process well.