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Stocks, Forex, Futures & News v4.8 build 1060

Forex, Futures and News Stocks, Forex, Futures and News

Full-featured version with all features

As you know, millions of people daily join the Investing.com World Wide Web using the Stocks, Forex, Futures and News program to stay on top of global financial markets. This application covers a set of financial tools, which are in a wide range of global and local tools. In other words, this interesting app is a shopping mall for traders and major investors in the world.

Stocks, Forex, Futures and News


  • Quick access to all of the world’s most advanced tools, including the economic calendar, calendar …
  • The possibility of joining a growing community and using the experiences of big businessmen and investors
  • Ability to share articles on various virtual pages
  • Has the ability to track commodity prices including gold, silver and …
  • Ability to use alert system and instant access to it
  • Simple and fluid user interface
  • Low volume and usefulness of the program

Stocks, Forex, Futures and News are able to easily trade in over 70 global exchanges in the shortest time possible. Live updates on global economic events , along with their personalization, are one of the features of this program. This application software is able to announce the current economic calendar by top traders and investors to track market events, which is also admired. Use this app to add your favorite stockand financial tools to the portfolio to give them instant access. In addition, the alert system embedded in this app allows you to receive customizable alerts for any tool, economic event or articles and new analytics. With this useful app, you are the first to read the latest stock, forex, commodities and the world economy.


We’ve updated our search engine! You can now search for quotes, economic events, news, analysis, and articles by specific authors.

News layout improvements

Send feedback in Portfolio screen

Bug fixes

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