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Storage Space Premium v19.1.2 Apk is Available !

Storage Space Storage Space Manager

You may have seen many times, for example, that the phone’s space is on a 16GB paper, but when you see the amount of free space on the phone, only 8GB of space is available. The Storage Space app is designed to accurately display the memory of the phone as well as the files by which this memory is filled.



  • Show the amount of space on the phone and the amount of space available for programs and files
  • Show the number of installed programs and the space occupied by them
  • The amount of memory space occupied by download files
  • Show the amount of phone space and space occupied by graphs
  • Display hidden files on the phone with their full name

The Storage Space program is able to provide additional information about the memory of the phone and the files that it has been occupied. This program also allows you to fully manage the applications installed on the phone and also see the amount of space occupied by each of them.

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