The latest version of the game Stunt Car Challenge 3

Another masterpiece from Hyperkani

Another series of Stunt Car Challenge games

With a fashion version

In the new Stunt Car Challenge 3 you will be given various stunts with the various cars provided for you. This awesome game has been designed by Hyperkani for Android operating system and has been released on Google Play, which has had over 500,000 downloaders and installers and has been able to score 4.1 out of 5.0. The existence of various places and unique obstacles for car rides and stunts has made it one of the best in its styles.



  • Easy control of the car
  • Challenging and challenging barriers
  • There are different places to race
  • Possibility of increasing the power of machines
  • There are different cars for racing
  • Cartoon and attractive graphics
  • Addictive gameplay

Introducing and reviewing the game Stunt Car Challenge 3 : 

In the new Stunt Car Challenge 3, there are a number of different machines that can be used to make their carts a high-powered American car. Cars have the ability to upgrade and you can buy and rebuild them with the points you earn. There are many obstacles and tournaments for you that you can pass them one after the other and get high scores. The designers have tried to design and publish this game in the form of a three-dimensional and real-world environment that has come to this end.
Some stages of the game can disturb you, for example, in one of the stages you must race on the train and move ahead, or go along with the police and destroy him or that you have to Get some complete three-star process. The soundtrack of this game is very attractive and can multiply your excitement. Each stage will be implemented in a unique environment and each environment has its own unique barriers and challenges. This game with many strokes and many stages can entertain you for a long time.
Extreme game controllers are designed to allow you to easily control your car. This game has a small amount but it has very good graphics. If you’re a fan of gaming and racing games, do not miss this game.