Subway Surfers Subway Surfers 

Delivered by Kiloo Studio 
Together with the fashioned version of the game 
More than 1 billion downloads from the Google Play site

Those who have previously played Subway Surfers will undoubtedly know that the game is considered one of the most entertaining and engaging games available for the Android operating system. Subway Surfers may also be one of the oldest Android games to offer. This game with an awesome and entertaining gameplay has been able to attract the attention of different audiences.



  • Running in the endless line of the train rail to escape from the agent’s hand
  • There are various achievements and obstacles in the game
  • Ability to change the character of the game with the ability to customize them
  • Ability to race with friends and challenge them
  • Perform awesome and spectacular acrobatic movements by playing characters
  • Very addictive and engaging gameplay
  • Excellent color HD graphics

Introducing Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers has a completely unique gameplay that captures every user. In this Android game, you control the main character of a playful boy. The boy is running away from the Metro, and you must help him so that the Metro can not catch him. In normal mode, the character of the game is running and your task is to pass through various obstacles on the way.

Different obstacles, such as rails, trains, guards, items, etc., are in the way of the main characters of the game, which you have to jump over and leave them to pass through. There are also various coins on the way that you have to run while escaping to get them to get more points.

Game characters

In Subway Surfers you will see different characters. You can choose your favorite character instead of the original character (the same playful boy!) And use it to advance the game. There are also many items that you can customize with the help of the character you selected. It’s also possible to play games in competition with friends, in which you can compete with your friends playing this game and challenge your skills.

The Subway Surfers game has very addictive gameplay. In this game you will experience a completely innovative gameplay that is free from any problem. The graphics of the game are also designed as HD, which increases the amount of play. In addition to these, the superb soundtrack of the Android game waves of subway riders left no cash left and made it one of the best Android games.