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SuperSU Pro Unlocker v2.76 Apk is Available !

The latest version of Pro SuperSU Pro

+ Version of Flash from recovery (CWM / TWRP)

SuperSU Pro software to manage other software root access on Android. If your phone or tablet application super user root by default enabled on your phone and install the software, but this alternative is best for SuperUser. It lets you access the software to determine root and can also report on the operations and programs that have access to the root view.


Features :

  • Get instant access to SuperUser
  • SuperUser access to logins
  • SuperUser access to notifications
  • Notification settings for each application
  • Temporary unroot
  • Deep detection process
  • Being active even after recovery, not boot properly for Android
  • Trust the ADB connection
  • Always active in Ghost Mode

Version features SuperSU Pro:

  • Survival mode OTA (not guaranteed)
  • Log settings for each application
  • Revoke access to any application
  • Protected by a PIN code

If you want to root the phone via the custom recovery you should flash the zip file for recovery on external memory with the same SDcard copy and then enter the custom recovery to flash the file until your phone is rooted.

SuperSU Pro 2SuperSU Pro 3
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