Rescue Survivors Survivors: The Quest

More than 50 million downloads

The Survivors: The Quest is a well-known, awesome and popular titled game that attracts many users around the world with its own professional design and has been downloading millions of times on top of Android games. Sits In this beautiful game, you will travel with the passengers of a plane crash to surf the island and prevent them from facing famine and starvation and will unveil an amazing secret alongside each other.

Survivors: The Quest

Game Features of Survivors: The Quest

  • Explore beaches, wetlands, woods and mountains on a beautiful island
  • Possibility to play the role as important companions of the three main characters of the game
  • Manage the levels of endurance, hunger, entertainment and friendship of each survivor
  • Possibility to solve the island mystery with different puzzles to save survivors
  • With HD graphics, exciting sound and excellent touch controllers

Try to survive

After an incident occurred for a passenger plane, they found three of their passengers on a remote island, and the story of Survivors: The Quest began here. Following them, after a little search on the island, they find that the island was not as vile as it thought. By finding strange buildings and old laptops, it is speculated that the island has been used for scientific research in the past, but the question is, who is behind these issues and what was the purpose of this work.

Therefore, by performing missions and solving various puzzles, the mysteries of this mysterious land are uncovered and exploring the island by finding the proper seals to form the destiny of the game. At the end of the story, such factors as superb graphics, realistic visualizations and fascinating storylines have transformed the game into a responsive game and created a massive development in adventure games.