The game is very popular and attractive Swamp Attack

With great gameplay and lots of fun

Outfit7’s Game Development Studio, the manufacturer of the popular Talking Tom series

Normal version + Modified version

Swamp Attack is the name of another Outfit7 entertainment game featuring revolutionary effects such as Talking Tom and more. Like the other Outfit7 games, the Swamp Attack game looks more fun, but the game is so entertaining and entertaining that will keep you entertained for a long time. Join with in the introduction of the game Swamp Attack.


atributies :

  • Great graphics along with the right size
  • Very fun gameplay
  • Fancy and colorful atmosphere
  • Attractive Defense Style and very challenging
  • Ability to use different weapons, grenades and …
  • Tap & Shoot style
  • The ability to earn points and buy and equip and upgrade different parts


Swamp Attack game

The Swamp Attack game is an entertaining and action-packed game featuring funny and humorous elements alongside challenging gameplay and epic content. Swamp Attack is provided by Outfit7 Company for free. Outfit7 has already found a lot of popularity among users, with games like Talking Tom, Talking Larry, Talking Santa, Talking Ginger, Talking Ben, Talking Angela, and other games. The Swamp Attack game, according to other games by the studio, is considered to be the company’s most diverse aftermath of the series.

You play Swamp Attack in the role of a man who has built a house in the middle of a swamp. He drank food and smells his food in the swamp, and the wild animals of the lagoon, which hunger overcame them, flock to your house.

Your task is to defend yourself and your home. These animals, among them crocodiles, blue dogs, insects, fish, raccoons, and … are attacking you with deadly weapons. This makes the game funny and humorous, but you should not be fooled by this funny game because your enemies are very dangerous.

By buying different weapons and grenades, and … facing them, do not allow these creatures to approach you. The game is in Action / Defense style. The whole game is in a general frame and you sit on the left side of the picture on a chair and your enemies are approaching you from the right. You must shoot them and destroy them with the aim.