Download Keyboard Swift Android Keyboard

With the Swift version of the keyboard, with all the premium and premium themes

SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the best and most beautiful and most beautifully designed keyboards ever made for Android phones.

As you can see in the pictures, the keyboard has a typing feature that just moves and typing your fingertip on the letters. The SwiftKey Keyboard is undoubtedly the best Android keyboard ever, and if you’re tired of your default keyboard, our SwiftKey Keyboard offer. The hacked version of this keyboard has very beautiful themes that bring a different experience to a keyboard.

SwiftKey-Keyboard Swift Keyboard

The Swift keyboard has features that distinguish it from other keyboards:

  • Sensitivity and high performance
  • Cleverly recognize the letters you type
  • Ability to correct wrong words,
  • Support from all languages ​​of the world including Persian
  • Very beautiful appearance
  • There are two versions for tablet and phone
  • Skins are incredibly beautiful and fit different tastes

Modded version features:

  • It has the ability to download monetary themes

important points:

  1. For the languages ​​you need (including Persian), the first time you log in to the software, connecting to the Internet and choosing the languages ​​you want, these languages ​​will be added to the keyboard by downloading a few kilobytes of the application server.
  2. Various versions have been released for various processors and versions for Android 6, which should be downloaded to fit the type of processor on the phone.
  3. The x86 edition is for Intel-based handsets and simulators.