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Swiftly switch – Pro v3.1.7 Apk is Available !

Quick access to apps with Swiftly switch

Delivered by de-studio

“If you’d like to control one hand with your handset, we suggest using the Swiftly Switch app.” The sentence comes from the developers at PolyStore and encourages users to use this app.



  • Switch between recent apps, latest apps, favorite apps with one touch
  • Quick access to the home button, back button and notifications via the curved page
  • Manage wifi, bluetooth, rotate the screen, adjust the screen brightness, volume and …
  • Extensive support for shortcuts
  • Call and texting with your favorite contacts
  • Add a hOME button like the iPhone’s button

The Swiftly Switch app will add a menu to one of the corners of your phone so you can put the apps and apps that you use more fully into the same menu so you can get even faster access.

Simply click once on the added icon on the corner of the phone to display the list of programs you have added to this menu and you can access them. The app will also add a HOME icon to your phone that will instantly pop up to the home screen by clicking anywhere on the phone. This feature is similar to the HOME button feature on the iPhone.

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