Introducing the latest version   Completely formal and finale of Sikh   Shaggy

Comes with new 2018 maps including small towns

100% tested and unproblematic and completely offline 
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Sygic GPS Navigation is a great GPS app for Android phones. So far, we have introduced many programs for routing and GPS. The GPS and Sygic GPS navigation software is the most popular offline GPS in the world. This software has great features for routing and displaying the exact location. One of the most important features that make this software a popular Persian GPRS is support for Persian language.


In its 2017 maps, Sigik has covered many of Iran’s small cities and roads, and the map of the big cities has also been completely updated. For example, in the city map of Tehran, Imam Ali Road and all new routes have been added.


The new and cracked version of the Sikhian map, along with data files and maps of Iran, can be downloaded from the top Android site.This version is tested on a few phones and has no problems with the implementation.

This app has 2 new and very interesting features that are active in some releases. The first feature of the police cameras is that it can not be used in Iran, but the second feature is HUD software, which lets you mirror your Android phone screen on the front of the car to mirror it. See through the windshield. The following is a screenshot of this feature to better understand this feature.

To activate the glass mirror on the glass, click on the HUD icon in the main menu of the SJIK program to move to HUD mode. Then touch the screen to reverse the image to reflect on the glass and tap the right arrow button to activate the reflection mode:


An example of the HUD feature of this version is video

Sygic GPS Navigation 13.4.1 Final

To enable the DashCam feature, or the same path monitoring service, enable the DashCam option to start tracking.

Some of the features of the Android rogue router

  • Traffic display feature (currently not active in Iran)
  • View maps in 2D and 3D
  • Show exact location with street name and location in Persian
  • Route between 2 points
  • Persian Speech Guide for Route
  • Display the exact location coordinates
  • View signs and public places on the map
  • Includes large cities of Iran and the roads of the country
  • Features HUD and DashCam
  • It has two night and day display modes
  • Easy routing based on city, street and various locations
  • Auto zoom feature
  • Find the fastest path from the available paths for the destination
  • And …

  Guide to installing Sikh cracked

  1. Clear and clear the previous version completely.
  2. Download the data file and unzip it.
  3. Sygic folder in the rootkit or SDcard, and if your phone has an internal memory, be sure to copy the internal memory.
    (For Android 4.4, you need to copy the entire contents of the Sygic folder to Android / data / com.sygic.aura / files and if you do not have this folder, create it yourself)
  4. Run the application.

Program language change method:

From the main menu in the Setting> Regional> Language section , you can change the language of the application display and in the Notification & Sounds> Voice section, change the language of the speaker to Farsi.