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System Monitor v6.6.2 Apk is Available !

Android powered Powerful System Monitor

Very attractive and stylish

As the name suggests, the system monitor is also a program for monitoring and checking Android device status. With this Android software, you can analyze your Android device’s hardware.

Powerful System Monitor v6.2.0 Download System Monitoring

Android app monitoring program features

  • Monitor the processor temperature and display its consumption
  • ROM analysis and space usage information
  • Ability to clear the phone’s RAM and speed up the phone
  • Display battery temperature and phone power information
  • Show hardware usage like CPU, RAM and …

System Monitor is a program for monitoring the status of the battery, processor, RAM and other parts of the Android phone. This software can show you the temperature of the parts that are in the phone and if their temperature rises, close the unnecessary programs to reduce their temperature. The ability to analyze RAM as well as clear it is included in the Powerful System Monitor application, which speeds up your use of the handset.

Fix some bugs and crash.

Download files with direct link

Apk – Size: 2.14 MB

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