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Tap Raid v1.0.02 MOD Apk is Available !

Hunting the Giant Monster Tap Raid

Tap Raid is another cool and entertaining action arcade style game developed by Honeydew Games for mobile smartphones and released for free. Before anything else, it’s interesting to know that unlike other games released on the Android market, the gamer does not need to think in this game, and the player can conquer the levels one after the other without concentration and precision.

Tap Raid


  • Has more than 10 heroes to open and upgrade
  • Ability to fight against various enemies and hunt gigantic monster
  • The ability to advance the game without thinking and through simple operation
  • It has easy-to-handle touchscreen controls
  • Unique gameplay with different design and fun

Collecting the power of the heroes to hunt gigantic monsters is your only mission in this simple yet fun game that alone can keep you entertained for hours and thanks to this feature it has been able to fit into different age categories. Because, as mentioned above, you can play Tap Raid without thinking and experience a serious game in the style of RPG games. Remember that if you touch your favorite characters several times, the hero will be called automatically, and you can free up dozens of heroes and upgrade them. In general, this game with its unique design and its unique sound effects can be a good option for different age categories in the role of playing games and for a long time you entertain yourself.

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