The latest fully unlocked and unlimited Tasker version

Comes with the AutoHue plugin

Tasker is a series of great and popular Android apps for hand-executed commands on your behalf and performed automatically on your Android phone. For example, you will be able to define for your phone at what time it will automatically be on the Silent profile and at what time on the public profile, or, for example, a music player in music player when the handset is connected to the handset It starts broadcasting, or the phone automatically goes to airplane mode and offline at a specific time, and many commands are supported by this software and you will be able to do them and we suggest you install the software yourself and it Experience and enjoy yourself.


Android tethering features

  • Creating unlimited profiles and commands for your favorite parts like playing music player – Silent and Vibration profiles and … – Opening and closing programs and …
  • Perform commands in different times, locations and states
  • Select commands based on the phone’s specifications, such as the battery charge or the phone’s sensor or specific program, and …
  • Ability to backup settings