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Telegram v5.3.1 Apk is Available !

Download the telegram telegram messenger application

Android Phone Edition Telegram + Downloadable Telegram Edition for Windows (Desktop)

Updates on Feb. 19

When it comes to messenger programs, the mind of every Iranian user will quickly move toward the telegram’s messenger. Telegram is a fantastic messenger that, although it entered the competition a bit later than other competitors, it introduced the new mindset with the new era of messaging. This fast-paced messenger adds new features every time it updates to attract more users.

Download Telegram Android Telegram

Main features of Telegram

  • Unparalleled speed
  • Very high security
  • No ads and absolutely free
  • Possible to sink on different devices
  • Possibility to send and share text, photos, photo album, file, song, video …
  • Take advantage of hundreds of free stickers
  • Possibility to edit photos and videos before sharing
  • Ability to draft texts
  • Lacquer scroll feature
  • Supports various themes
  • Ability to share precise location on the map
  • Ability to build and manage a group of up to 30,000 members for simultaneous group conversations
  • Ability to set up and build the channel
  • Built-in browser for fast web browsing (browser based on Google Chrome )
  • Free voice chat function on the Internet
  • Ability to build and manage robots with a wide range of features
  • Supports Inline Command Codes
  • Has open source API
  • Smart Watch Support (Android Wear 2.0)
  • And …

Stream music and music

With the help of this feature, it can be very useful without having to download all the file size, music or video you are looking for (like YouTube) … For example, a 40 MB video starts to play as soon as the download button starts and it does not need to finish. Download it; wait for it; it also saves traffic, because if the video is not appealing to you, you can stop downloading.

Auto-shell change by clock

With this new feature you can set hours to change the shell of the program automatically! For example, you can specify that from 11 o’clock, the program shell automatically changes to the dark theme until the darkness of the night, the eyes are annoyed and reappeared from 8am to the bright shell.

Video floating video

With this cool feature, you can now turn the video player window into a small and floating window, after running a video, by touching the corresponding icon so that video playback continues as you move around in the telegram.

Sign in with the help of a telegram

With this new feature, you can login to sites that support this feature and so-called logon.

Telegram, a new era of messaging

The Russian Messenger Director Pavel Durov, after analyzing other messengers well and finding their problems, produced a program with the Watts App tagging , which not only did not deal with the problems of other messengers, but also the capabilities The new one made it a new smell. August 2013 The first official release of the program was released for Android and iOS platforms, and after some time, the desktop platform and Windows Mobile were also released. Download Telegram

Telegram offers features that you probably will not find in any other app. The great features of this program, along with unparalleled speed, advanced security and an attractive and simple interface, have definitely made Telegram the best instant messenger. Cloud-enabled and high-speed Telegram servers make it possible to connect and chat with the weakest Internet. Also, the multi-layer security and privacy protection of users on coded servers has made it very secure.

Ability to send pictures, music, videos, files in any format, download and add comfortably sticker packs, use of different robots, participate in channels and groups, share sharing, sync between different devices, the possibility of a secure chat (Secret Chat) and dozens of other features and capabilities, there are quite enough reasons to use such messaging. In the telegram you can play with different robots with your friends.Download Telegram

Hack Telegram Really?

Telegram uses 256bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption to enhance the security of users. This means several security layers are now up to date to infiltrate any hack and cybercrime attacks. No one has ever been able to influence this program so far. Users’ text and information codecs are so complex that no dictators can decode them. Therefore, let’s say in response to the question of whether Hack Telegram is true! Telegram is not hacked. Do not swindle advertising.

Also, robots that claim to be able to identify and identify who has checked your profile is also a big lie and high paying ad for profitable people. According to telegraph security administrators, such a problem is a privacy issue for users, and no robot or person has access to this information.

Note: To have multiple Telegram accounts on one device at a time, you can use the Plus Messenger and Lagatgram apps , or the Multi-User Telegram feature .

The new version of the Telegram X for Android is the best non-official telegram to select the founder of Telegraph Paul Dwarf.

Screenshots of the game or the program


New in version 5.3:

• Apply blur and motion effects to chat backgrounds in Settings> Chat Settings> Chat Background. 
• Set custom colors as backgrounds and apply patterns. 
• Search for new backgrounds by color or topic. 
• Share and set backgrounds via links that work on all platforms. 
• Use the backgrounds you set on one device on your other devices. 
• Enjoy a selection of new backgrounds.

Download files with direct link

public version (Android 4.1+) – Size: 27.39 MB

ARM version for Android 6.0+ – Size: 16.63 MB

arm64-v8a (Android 6.0+) – Size: 16.9 MB

Windows version 1.5.9 – Size: 19.17 mb

portable version without the need to install Windows 1.5.9 – Size: 22.39 MB

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