Play the beautiful and exciting Templar Battleforce RPG 

Gameplay is a mix of strategic styles, construction and role play 

It is worth noting that the game for $ 9.99, about 30,000 tomans, will be sold on the Google Play Store, which can now be found on the Apktops website for free!

Download the game Templar Battleforce RPG

Features :

  • Extremely beautiful tactical and strategic gameplay
  • Build your war group by hiring new troops
  • An endless combination of soldiers’ squad to maintain tactics
  • Command troops in over 45 stages and unique scenarios
  • Drowning in a beautiful story line with fictional splits
  • Ability to customize and populate characters, armor and knights themselves
  • The ability to hire specialist personnel with their unique features and weapons
  • Various challenges in different places: corridor to corridor, war in open air desert, burned fields and …

Lead the knights of the temple in a full-fledged war against the forces of Zeus. In the Templar Battleforce game you have to create a unique and unique team by collecting temple forces that are listed on a special list and apply different strategies to win. In this game you will be challenged in completely different scenarios and locations, so that the feeling will give you several different games. The game is designed to challenge both novice and professional players!,Read Also..