The latest version of Temple Run: Android Brave

If you have a series of games in Run style, I suggest you try Temple Run: Brave. This game, in addition to the Run game, has an interesting feature that is a shooting feature with a slingshot.

Temple-Run-Brave-cover []

Features of Temple Run: Brave:

  • Endless game
  • Ability to shoot at different signs
  • High quality images
  • New environments inspired by Disney
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Collect coins to update character accessories

After the release of the animation, Brave, the animation maker decided to release the game, a popular animation that was sold on Google Play for $ 1.99, which has provided for free, so you can easily download powerful download servers. Play and play. Your task in this game is to escape from the hands of the wild bear and on your way to the targets shown to be shooting at them with the items you have (archer and arrows). There are gold coins that you can collect in the ways you go to update the game’s features to make it more powerful.