Test your English proficiency and skills. Test Your English I

Test Your English I is another educational and useful software for learning and improving English, designed and published by the Martin K software company for Android smartphones. Enhance your English skills with this app and over 300 multi-choice options.

Test Your English I


  • Grammar tests for TOEFL, IELTS and …
  • Possibility of testing with job topics and …
  • Ability to test the English language everyday terms
  • Ability to test common and commonly used words in the language
  • Has more than 300 multi-choice and tested ones
  • Includes 10 questions by choosing from three or four options 
  • Save results and compare progress
  • It has a scorecard and color scheme

More than 300 multi-choice options have been included in your Test Your English I to help you improve your English skills and take another step in learning foreign languages. In this training app, each of us contains ten questions that should select the correct answer from three or four possible answers and test your skills . One of the cool tests of this software is to provide the wrong words in English, and you must correct the sentences to get the full score. By doing this, test your skills and get the right ones. You can also evaluate your score at the end of each one and use it later to compare your progress. It is interesting to know that the best result is 10 of 10. In the points section, you can draw your results and draw them in the chart of grades in green. It is worth mentioning that the set of questions in this program in the fields of language tests, business, synonyms, terminology, common mistakes, etc., along with other features, can take a step forward in your language development and prevent you from having other programs. Test and translate language without need.