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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt v5.0 MOD Apk is Available !

Charming and lovely game The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

Different gameplay with great graphics

And features a wide variety of items

More than five million active installations on Google Play

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is a new game with lots of unique features recently by Studios Home Net Games for Android OS is released. In this game, now millions of players from around the world to dedicate, you have to sail your ship into the heart Jzayr in Age of Pirates of the Caribbean Draw! Black flag with white skull when only ruled the seas. Playing in different locations from the Caribbean Sea and runs where you have to take advantage of golden opportunities, otherwise you will be defeated.

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Features :

  • More than 18 new ships with unique features
  • Endless fleet of very large sizes
  • Ability to control several ships during battle
  • Vessels equipped with heavy balls to fight against military bases
  • Five different types of ammunition: Balls, balls and stars, balls cluster, of barrels of explosives
  • Upgrade more than 30 different types of ships
  • Ability to create a character, character development, along with roll-up
  • More than 20 kinds of skills for captain
  • Unlock new features and functionality
  • Realistic physics of sailing by taking direction and wind speed and the distance
  • Hundreds of islands with a host of different Azasklh
  • Rotate through day and night with the possibility to build various structures
  • Battle and fight commercial, criminal, military, pirate and escort
  • Progressive story in an area filled with different nationalities with different people
  • And many other features

About the game The Pirate: Carribean Hunt

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Android is good that the beautiful game and its gameplay is related to the sea and pirates who designed the gameplay is really spent time and accuracy, and a beautiful fairly consumed. In the game Pirates: Caribbean hunt you have from the start flagged Afrazyd and take the helm of your ship because successive wars and attacks with different loot and treasures awaits you as you king Antylz (string Sea islands or hybrid) make!

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