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The Pyra plex v2.2 Apk is Available !

The ancient game of trading Egyptian civilization and building the buildings The Pyra plex

The Pyra Plex is a pixel game devoted to the ancient Egyptian civilization, with the optimal graphics developed by Casual Rated for Android smartphones and completely free of charge. In this beautiful game, trade in ancient Egyptian civilization and boost your business with trading deals.

The Pyra Plex


  • Ability to find treasures under the soil and sell them on the market
  • Possibility to create artistic handicrafts and create a warm market for yourself
  • Ability to review and evaluate annually and use pyramidal associations
  • Ability to trade with other civilizations from members of the sects to the Roman monastery
  • It has optimized graphics with exciting sound and interesting designs

In the game The Pyra Plex, you have to make every effort to build amazing buildings with your smart strategies so you can boost your business with trading. In this game, while you are building stone and gemstones, you will have to warm up the market and earn money by adding more facilities and making various handicrafts. You can also attract visitors from members of the cult or Roman monasteries, and so on, so that you can build business with this civilization and fill your boxes with valuable resources and trophies. Remember that if you want to be more prominent than others, you should continually and cleverly evaluate your annual evaluations and use the pyramids in your favor. In short, this fascinating game, unlike its admirable graphics, also has prominent features that can easily captivate you for hours.

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