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The Sandbox Evolution v1.4.5 MOD Apk is Available !

The simulated game of making the world and humans and managing the Sandbox Evolution

The Sandbox Evolution is one of the most entertaining games simulated with pixel-friendly graphics that has been designed and released by the Android Design Studio for Android. In this fascinating game, you’ll be able to make everything you want without limitation, using physics and having over 170 elements and heroes. In this game you are the creator of the world of pixels and rebuild the world. Have you ever thought that what do you create with water, air, fire, glass, tree, metal, electricity, etc.? This is an environment for discovering your creativity.

The Sandbox Evolution


  • Empower your life and develop your construction using creativity
  • Build your own pixel world with special features
  • Use a palette with more than 100 colors to present the original artwork
  • Making chiptune melodies using piano notes
  • Has various elements for use in construction
  • There are items such as metal, water, fire, acid and …
  • Over 170 elements and heroes
  • Invention of technology and the possibility of using them in Gonacon’s departments
  • Destroy additional structures or rebuild them
  • There are various explosives to destroy the world made
  • Share your results and your world with other players

The Sandbox Evolution is arguably a style and story that has been used less than ever before. With this game you can create and manage your world with all the details. Keep in mind that you will not be able to change the principles and rules of this world and you can only change the world by customizing the elements. This means gravity, rain, firefighters and … do their job well and as always. But you can put these elements together as you like. In general, your missions in this game are to combine dirt to make the flower more complex missions such as building a battery or electric circuit, and more. Human beings create zombies and destroy them if they wish. By creating people, you can also start civilization and urbanization. In general, you are the turning and the director of your world in this game, and you can create as a creator, earthquake, flood and …. You can also blow up your whole world with one simple click and destroy it. In addition to all of these features, you can see the maps and worlds of others, and share the structure of your world with others. The graphic of the game is pixel-like but funny and there’s no defect in it.

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