Destruction of Earth with the Sun Solving: Origin

Inspired by the premier STALKER game

The Sun: Origin is a new and superb game with an acclaimed action game genre from the AGaming + gaming studio for Android smartphones, which with its exciting capabilities have been well received in a short while. Peaceful. In this beautiful game, mastering the main characters of the story that you will play on, you will be able to play and survive in the last days of the struggle to deal with the hardships.

The Sun: Origin

The game features The Sun: Origin

  • Has a beautiful and engaging story with a decisive ending
  • The role of an actress as the main character and the first person
  • Ability to upgrade combat equipment and gain water and food for life
  • Explore and adventure across the land and save many people
  • Ability to join independent communities with different rules and manage them
  • An exciting gameplay with HD graphics and interesting sound

Get your new and breathtaking adventure and experience one of the best action games at The Sun: Origin with your own weapon. The story begins in 2050. Since the sun thrown a catastrophe of energy into space, the wave of power that swept our civilization into chaos of centuries.Although many years have been anticipated by the scientific community, their warnings have been ignored by world leaders and instead have shrunk less concern.

It has now sharply increased Earth’s temperature, and since the government has always been too late to act, it can not stop the catastrophe from spreading throughout the world. As a result, water and food have become a major problem in this time of the world, and, as a matter of fact, and after the collapse of various societies and breathtaking chaos, from the same chaos and congestion, societies Independent with different rules is formed.

This story story will continue with a beautiful ending scenario, which, of course, will only make your destiny. Managing the main personality of the story bits up and survive. All of these, along with the super-professional gameplay with great space and graphics, hd no longer talk to anyone, and no doubt a professional gamer will be aware of the details and physics of the game by playing the game. In general, this game has an inexhaustible new experience of action games that can entertain you for the wizarding hours.