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With a simulation style and adventure 
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With unique and new gameplay

Many users are always looking for new and new games designed with new gameplay. These categories of users do not like repetitive games and singles, looking for variety. Recently, Kongregate’s Playing Studio has released a new game called The Trail, which is a striking example of this and with its new and unique gameplay it can entertain many of your many hours.

Left The Trail


  • Walking through beautiful and dreamy nature spaces
  • Traveling to New Worlds
  • Build a community and work together
  • Has a completely unique gameplay
  • Possibility to buy and sell supplies for doing business
  • Meet people in every city and world
  • Excellent and stunning HD graphics

The Trail Game Review

The Trail is designed with an adventure style and is featured on the PlayStation site as a simulation game. In this game, you will control the main character and you have to advance the game with an adventure.

In this Android game, you will travel to different lands and cities and see different environments. At The Trail, it is your job to do things that should be done in the city. For example, in a city in return for receiving money, you have to do things that people have to get enough money to travel to another city and buy the necessary equipment. The game is a mission that you must accomplish missions. You can buy or sell what you have or need, so you can earn money as well. The possibility of building a community also exists in the city, and it is possible to control each other with each other.

The Trail has a totally unique and new gameplay that you have not experienced in the same game. The environment and graphics of the game are superbly designed and you will see an awesome and entertaining game. If you’re an adventure style enthusiast, we suggest you never miss this game.