The latest version of the game The Vikings for Android

Android fun games are awesome and you can play their games for hours to entertain. With delightful and exciting gameplay and a lively environment, these games can attract users and be attractive to them.

The Vikings game is an entertaining Android game in which you have to use the favorite weapon of the wagons, the ax. The gameplay is also very simple, and you just have to point and touch the opposite side by touching the screen and marking the opposite. You can also prevent armor to prevent ax attack. The game environment is very fun and can entertain you for hours.

The Vikings Download the Vikings for Android

The Vikings game features

  • Awesome gaming environment
  • Lively and exciting gameplay
  • Fun game design
  • Use the favorite Viking weapon, Ax
  • And other features

As mentioned, in the game The Vikings you must attack your enemies using the ax, which is one of the most popular Viking weapons. The gameplay is also very simple and it’s just by touching the target screen and you have to throw it. Among the enemies are the shooters that target you with the beam and the archer, and you must use the shield of Prevent the collision of the beams.