The fascinating and strategic game The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land 

Normal version + Modified version

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In the official game of the AMC network, the human remains and save! Another version of the animated dead game, in which you have to accompany Daryl Dixon (a popular character in the Deadly Animated Serial) and fight against hungry animators! The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is an action-packed action game with an RPG ( RPG ) style, with each action and tactic you make between life and death, so try the best possible moves and become zombies. Do not go!

The Walking Dead No Man's Land

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land features

  • Fight among hordes of walkers (zombies)
  • Completely tactical gameplay
  • Learning to group
  • Ability to upgrade weapons
  • Serial Locations: Prison, Airport …
  • Ability to join other players in the weekly challenges
  • Charming gameplay with beautiful graphics

Introducing Walking Dead No Man’s Land

Leave a step in the land without any human being. Open your map and enter a destination, fight with walkers (zombies) at different locations and complete the story of the game by completing the goals.

For example, in one part you are responsible for identifying and exploring an area, in which you can upgrade your skills and equipment to become stronger for later stages. Of course, be careful because some of these missions will be deadly, but you do not have to fight alone.

Join other players and participate in weekly challenges. Of course if you dare! Your first task is to create a safe environment for the group at a radio station that will become your base. Continue missions to get equipment and ammunition and find the strongest survivors and transfer to the base!

Be careful because zombies can surprise you at any moment!