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This Means WAR! v4.2.0.1223 Apk + Data is Available !

Game Description Real War Strategy This Means WAR

Earn 4.1 points in the Polystrove

+ With official game trailers and data

Excellent and stunning graphics

The internet needs to run the game 

This Means WAR is a very strategy-styled strategy game with very exciting graphics and stunning HD content. This game is optimized for a variety of Android phones and tablets, and with a tablet or handset of any size you have the ability to play this fun game.



  • Delivered for free
  • Simulate the attack of your enemies while defending ground forces, tanks, helicopters, bombers and …
  • Faces you on face-off with enemy troops during the war
  • There is a chance few seconds for soldiers to be proud or die
  • There are 13 different strength types with multiple upgrade capabilities
  • There are various structures during the game for defense like walls, mines, forces and …
  • Ability to test your skills against enemy forces

In recent days, strategic games can be considered as the most popular Android games that have many fans. There are plenty of strategic games available for Android, many of which have already been introduced to site. This time, one of the latest and most beautiful strategic games called This Means WAR, one of its main features, can be called offline, because many strategic games are played online.

This Means WAR game has excellent gameplay and addiction. In this game you will build your own base and then you will have to fight with enemy forces and destroy their headquarters using various combat equipment like tanks and airplanes … and also using the various soldiers provided for you in the game. do. In this Means WAR game, there are several soldiers. There are also different combat tools in the game to fight. You will have the ability to upgrade combat weapons and soldiers in this game and you can increase their power. In the strategy game This Means WAR you will have the opportunity to use defenses to defend your headquarters.

This Means WAR game has an excellent and stunning graphics. This game is designed with HD graphics. Excellent and addictive gameplay, it has become one of the most engaging and entertaining Android games that we recommend that you do not miss it at all.

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