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Threema v3.17 Apk is Available !

The latest version of Messenger by Trima Threema

Regular patch version + x86 version by resolution

Messenger Threema is considered one of the safest messenger for the Android operating system, which allows you to chat with users. This messenger was already available for the iOS operating system.



  • Build polls with unique features
  • Ability to write text and send an audio CD
  • Possibility to send any file pdf, animated gif, mp3, doc, zip
  • Sharing video, photos and location
  • Ability to build group chat, add and remove members at any time
  • Ability to sync contacts
  • Use the Trima software as a tool

These days, messengers have become an unlucky part of Android handsets, and many users use these messengers to communicate with one another. Each of the messengers has their own fans and, on the other hand, each one has unique features.This time on, we have prepared one of the safest Android Messenger with Trima. Messina’s Trima is well- known for its security thanks to its security. This messenger allows you to communicate for free and only through an Internet connection.

Using Threema Messenger, users will be able to upload different file types to one another at a high speed. Messenger Trial does not allow voice calls to users, but you can send audio messages that are recording at the same time.

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