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Titanium Backup PRO [★ root] v8.0.0.1 Apk is Available !

The latest version of Titanium Backup Titanium Backup Pro Patch

No need for any serial and license and lacquered Pachter
The software is very functional and useful


The final version of Shaggy MoDaCo Plus

Titanium Backup PRO most professional backup software on Android Android is capable of all parts of the backup. Programs, data, text messages, numbers and anything else that can have a backup!

titanium-backup-pro Titanium Backup Android

Features :

  • Backup and Restore backup routines with their settings
  • Backup and Restore Backup protected applications with their settings
  • Backup and Restore Backup phone settings and programs
  • Restore Market links when Restore Programs
  • Backup diverse group
  • Stop running apps
  • Uninstall applications installed by the user and system apps
  • Take Freez up (freeze) programs (software feature is very interesting)

One interesting feature Pro Titanium Backup above-mentioned feature “Backing Backup and Restore phone settings and applications” by’ll be able to save the settings and your plans with them If you’ve customized the backup to restore this backup when needed to quickly get to your previous preferences.

For example, a game to spend the steps above and you want to upgrade your device ROM or flash your Android phone to restore your reasons. Just before the restore or Flash using the app Titanium Backup is a backup of your favorite game and its settings so that the flash and restore the backup just in terms of the previous game, go back and play the same place and the stage reached you proceed.


  1. To use all the functionality of Titanium Backup, you must be root your Android phone.
  2. Exclusive Patch tool to patch up versions of regular backup program is titanium.

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