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Torque Burnout v1.8.71 MOD Apk + Data is Available !

The game is very beautiful graphics and Torque Burnout

Details very high graphics and unique design

Super fun and engaging gameplay in the style of Burnout matches

Australian studio the League of Monkeys

The regular version + version + data mode

Although the cars only transportation system to serve humans, but these days, making it the second goal of the entertainment and competitions if the main objective is being replaced. Production of cars in different classes led to their competitions to be developed in every decade. One thing that is important is that all styles of racing cars, the fans million. One of these type of contests, competitions Burnout is attractive. Competition with other racing cars are different and relatively less risk.


Features :

  • Exemplary and very high graphics details
  • Spectacular effects and incredible design
  • Using realistic physics system in all aspects of the game
  • The gameplay is fun, challenging and engaging in the style of Burnout matches
  • There are dozens of cars in different categories
  • Ability to upgrade to higher levels of multi-purpose vehicles
  • There are dozens of different stages with different conditions
  • The camera settings and view the game in several different modes
  • Unbeatable sound particularly realistic sound engines

Introduce and review the game Torque Burnout

Burnout attractive matches that revolves around the spectacular movements with auto-rotate, in each competition, only one car in the race and dramatic gestures have, as applicable. The most striking feature Burnout matches up very high and thick smoke from the tires with asphalt surface is due to their strong Astkak. In this type of tournament, the driver must be highly skilled and judicious use of the pedal, rotational movements and do a show.

Torque Burnout game Probably the best game ever made for mobile operating systems are in the field. Torque Burnout stunning graphics and detail it will wipe you out. It is clear that the time has been well designed. Thick smoke and very natural, and even the design of automobile tires on asphalt, so professional and have done that if this game on a run-definition television, game console may confuse! Not only the graphics, but normal gameplay, realistic and professional game to encourage Torque Burnout also assure you it does. For example, if you enter a lot of pressure to the tires, they burst!

Torqu Burnout gameplay features

In this game you have to do in the ring Trick. At the beginning of the game you are given important tips. By performing rotational movements, the different points you get. Your task is to set the time, to earn the most points possible and check the record first person to complete stage to completion. To make dramatic gestures and can do different spin gas, brake and manually. Timely use of each command as well as proper orientation can be done to move your car more beautiful.

In Torque Burnout you can earn money (coins) Further, to achieve a lot. You can upgrade your car, personalize or buy another car. Torque Burnout game has a lot of wide steps and stages, new targets are added. For example, large trucks to be put in this field and you have to pass under the trailer. Also, in some of the major obstacles to be placed in different parts of the map that revolve around it, the more points you will gain.



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