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Total Launcher Premium v2.2.7 Apk is Available !

Launcher Total Launcher Android

Premium version with all features

It has probably come to you that the unobtrusive appearance of the Android phone has caused it to be discouraged. On Android, there is a program called Launcher that decorates the appearance of your phone’s menu.

By default, there is usually at least one launcher per phone. But you might not know that you can install new launcher on your mobile phone and use it to change the appearance of your phone. By installing a launcher on the phone, you can completely change the look of the phone.

So far, there are many launches for the Android operating system, each of which has unique features. This time on the website, we are going to introduce a new, beautiful, simple yet powerful lancet.


Power Launcher Total Launcher

The Total Launcher is the name of the launcher for Android phones, which, according to the manufacturer, has a very simple home screen, which distinguishes the launcher from launchers whose crowded home screens make users confused. But this simplicity is by no means intuitive for the home screen of the launcher. At the same time, the home screen designed for this launcher also has a very special look.

This smartphone is designed to make it much easier to access the main parts of the phone. The existence of slider menus in this launcher, in addition to its special beauty, also makes it much easier to access the sections you’ve set up anywhere in your phone apps.

In the Total Launcher Launcher, there are new and stunning icons that you will experience with new colors!

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