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Touch for Facebook v6.5.3 Apk is Available !

Facebook application fast and compact Touch for Facebook

Facebook as the largest social network among users known to many people as a member of this powerful network, in which they operate. For Touch Facebook compact version with a much higher speed than the original version for Android Facebook app that features beyond the basic version.


  • Having a higher speed than the Facebook app
  • Less negative impact on the phone’s battery level
  • Prettier and more user-friendly design
  • Simple environment that will immediately interact with it
  • Numerous possibilities to customize the program
  • Run smoothly on any Android device

Pro Touch for Facebook users to give access to Facebook. With this software, you can in a short time than Facebook’s main app, load and run and access the pages. It’s battery life is also far superior to proprietary applications, there is less and less impact on the battery. Elegant and yet simple design is another case in Touch for Facebook app looks good.

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