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Toy Blast v4191 MOD Apk is Available !

The latest version of Android’s Toy Blast game

Toy Blast is a popular puzzle game of Pascal style and clasp of cube colors. In this game you have to save and freeze the blocks of colored toys that are trapped among these puzzles. Of course, this may seem like putting blocks in a seemingly easy way, but you have to say that for your challenge and more game targeting, the blocks are not moving freely and you’re limited by the movement of the blocks. The game features incredibly delightful colorful graphics featuring awesome sounds that captivate the game’s charm and excite it.

Toy Blast 2400

atributies :

  • Stunning HD and 3D graphics
  • Different difficult and difficult stages in the game
  • There are different levels in the game
  • There are different types of toys in the game
  • The existence of the game and the kind of things in the game
  • The ability to compete online with other players from head to the world

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