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Traffic Rider v1.6.2 MOD Apk is Available !

Android game style motorcycle Highway Traffic Rider

Released by Studio ZigZag Games
With over 50 million downloads from the Play Store
The regular version + version mode
A very exciting and engaging gameplay

It is time to introduce one of the best motorcycle style games for Android smartphones, fans of the style of game we are surprised. No doubt Highway Traffic Rider as one of the best and most complete motorcycle games offered in the style known as ZigZag offered by the studio is a unique game experience in which you will be determined by motorcyclists. Then, we have to introduce the more fun to play with.



  • There are more than 12 different motorcycles
  • Made motorcycle in first person mode
  • Very realistic handling motors
  • Driving on the highway in long hours
  • Fleeing from the police in the “Police”
  • Compete against other players
  • Allows for multiplayer games
  • Has excellent graphics and stunning
  • Despite various achievements during game play

Highway Traffic Rider is a unique and very fun game in the style of motorcycle for Android smartphones where you can experience motor professional riders in the real world.

Engines in the game:

12 different engine in this game is intended for the tournament. These engines are very strange way! Are real and can not find a difference between them and real engines. Engines are designed very realistic and three-dimensional design they will certainly surprise you. Motorcyclists will be done in first person mode you will bring that unique experience.

The possibility exists, and you can upgrade the engine 3 Items speed, stability and braking power in case of having enough money to upgrade your engine is more powerful. In the early stages, you will have access to simple motor to control the opening of the first stage 3 engine and control over opening more engines will be in the game. When you are riding in cars and other motor vehicles are rejected by your side in a big way, well it’ll realistically designed his first letter in the game.

On the other hand control of the engine is also very similar to the reality of the traction motor is designed and even drag in the direction you want the engine is completely based on real engine is designed to thrill the motor, you more than ever before.Motor control using the phone’s accelerometer can do is, simply tilt the phone to move in the direction you want the engine to engine as the lead.

There is also the possibility of using the buttons that control the engine for that matter, there are two modes in which the placement and location of the buttons is that depending on the motor of the yourself, you can comfortable to 3 modes each select wanted.

Different game modes:

The different game modes is intended to advance the game. Generally four modes can be experienced in the Highway Traffic Rider. In the first case you can freely go in a big way and if desired motor to drive the motor to where you want to drag. You will have the possibility to motor accident and the machines that have hit the streets.

In this case you will move forward with traffic. The latter, unlike the traffic and cars and other vehicles you will be facing toward you come from that is somewhat difficult to drive in these conditions. The third mode you saw the chase between the offender (yourself) and you’ll be police. In this case, police are looking for you Mytazd big way and we need to leave behind the police more quickly and you can not escape from the engine or police car.

In the fourth mode you can play with other players who are online are doing, to compete. In this case, the other players will pay motorcycle race to see which one can play the pass the finish line sooner than others. First, at the beginning of the game and the next state to arrange for you to choose at any stage 6 and 8; this means that in the beginning of the game you will not be able to do all the modes to achieve them should try to stage it’s open.

Multi-user mode:

One of the main parts of the game that pays special attention to it, the multiplayer mode (multi-user) it. According to this feature you can for Head To Head With one of the millions of players worldwide to compete and win your prize. It is also a leaderboard so you can see your score and the other players and earn more points to their name at the top of the leaderboard to register.


Matches are done in different places. While much of the game in the highway done, but in some cases the control of urban and residential locations’ll be getting into. During the game you will also see climate change as well. Change the time of day to night and vice versa Another is to further increase the realism of the game.

The graphics and visual effects:

The game features stunning HD graphics are excellent. All items are designed three-dimensional gaming environment for third. In this game, even the smallest items as accurately and professionally designed to have low and deficits do not see during the game. Search for excellent simulation also impact on your gameplay experience and makes the driving conditions change. Play music during the game and the sound of car horns Another thing that can not be simply walked around it. This game is for all those interested in the style motocross / racing that we offer.

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