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Transparent clock & weather Pro v0.99.02.11 Direct Apk For Android

Meteorological Application Transparent clock & weather

With the possibility of digital and analog clock display
Supplied by MACHAPP Software

Transparent clock And weather app for Android phones is showing atmospheric conditions. With this app you can always and everywhere different climatic conditions in the world to see. Put that in its view, urban climate, for there RealTime!

Transparent-clock - & - weather


  • There are widgets in different sizes
  • Resize widgets
  • Select different skins for widgets
  • Allows complete customization of widgets
  • Different layouts for climate
  • Support for additional themes
  • Different fonts to display time
  • View Alarms, Calendar, Event and …
  • Auto-detect location
  • Time Setting to automatically update weather

In addition to showing the current weather situation, using Transparent clock And weather will also let you watch the clock. You can both analog and digital site of your choice on your home screen to have quick access to them. There are also different widgets in this app you can select the desired size for faster access and use them.

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