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True Contact Pro v4.9.75 Apk is Available !

Display the city of the caller’s contact with True Contact

True Contact is a powerful and professional iPhone application for Android that lets you manage your contacts, contacts, contacts and more on your Android phone.


  • Real-time calorie IDs with the ability to display the name and address and the caller’s image
  • Block unwanted calls to avoid interruptions
  • Manage and save contacts within the phone
  • Check out contacts info on facebook, linkdine, twitter, google plus …
  • Manage and display history of contacts and history
  • Updates keep contact information with address, image and other information
  • Display the location of the person who is calling
  • Notifications for contacts that have been deleted or blocked

True Contact allows you to display contact information that contacts you. This information may include the recipient’s address, his image, the address of the place of residence, the country of residence, and so on. You have already entered this information already, but the part that displays the country or city information is automatically received. Of course, the country in which you live is supported by this application. Unfortunately, the country of Iran includes this list. Not supported.

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