Premium and full version of the Truecaller Android app

Truecaller is a program for controlling the full range of phone numbers that will provide much more than a phone dialer. With this software, you can manage all calls all over again. The ability to block unwanted calls is also included in this app.

One of the great features of this program is the display of anonymous contacts that you must have connected to the Internet to use this feature, and the contact must also be registered in the Trucolor program. Also, if you are a business owner, you can share your full profile with Trucal users. Truecaller has attracted a lot of users and has many fans in Iran.Read Also..

Truecaller -cover Android Troubleshooter download

Trucolor Features

  • See who has contacted you if you have their number in your list of numbers
  • Block unwanted calls from juggle callers and telephone marketing
  • Searching for any number around the world to know who it is
  • You can now copy the number anywhere, and the program will allow you to figure out who owns it.
  • Contacting people by searching for their names
  • Tweet and follow a person on Twitter directly through this app
  • More features to make your phone smarter

Features of the Truckler modeled version

  • Enable premium mode by default
  • In the Premium version, there are more features available, such as blocking ads, searching for people by their name, viewing the people who have viewed your profile.
  • An in-app update that lets you upgrade the updated version.

Note: At the first run of the program, connect to the VPN after installation. Apparently, this program has put Iran in boycott.