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tTorrent – Torrent Client App v1.5.8.3 Apk is Available !

Download files from torrent sites with tTorrent

Patch version and without license

Installed on Android 5.0

Torrent powerful server contains several files that allow users to provide high-speed download. But in order to download the torrent you need to install the software side uses it possible to download the torrent you. tTorrent – Torrent Client App Name to do the same software that lets you download the torrent sites has provided a very high speed.



  • Torrent download several simultaneous and consecutive
  • Search torrents
  • Only mode WiFi, WiFi or WiMAX mode
  • Ability to limit download and upload speeds
  • Integration with Web browser
  • Identify links Torrent
  • Support for RSS (automatic download torrents published in feeds)
  • Supports UPnP and NAT-PMP
  • Supports IP filtering
  • Proxy support (SOCKS and HTTP)

Using tTorrent will have the possibility to download Torrent powerful servers. This application will allow you to have a high speed allows you to download Torrent servers. The software can different types of files that exist in a torrent to download. The ability to resume downloads that have been interrupted by programs there tTorrent. This program lets you download several files together and at the same time will also. Download speed limits for each file by tTorrent possible so if you want to put special focus on the file download speeds. Then you can use this software to get directly from the site.

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