Turbo Download Manager Download Manager

With over 5 million downloads and earning 4.1 points on Google

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The developer of the Turbo Download Manager download manager believes that using this program you can increase download speeds up to 5 times! Like ADM, this program has many features and can easily manage your downloads.


Features of Turbo Download Manager

  • Use as a download assistant
  • Support for unlimited volume files
  • Supports various web browsers
  • Queue Download, Stop, Continue …
  • Ability to display notifications for files
  • Ability to download multiple files at the same time
  • Use the maximum number of open connections
  • 10 parallel streams during download
  • Buffer volume optimization
  • Add the link manually to the application
  • Start / Pause line
  • Normal / Turbo Options
  • Your ability to do work in the background of the phone
  • File naming functionality
  • View audio and graphic notifications
  • Thumbnail image for videos and images
  • File history download

Turbo Download Manager is a powerful and complete software management software for downloading the Internet. With this software, you can have more control over the files you want to download. This program can download multiple files simultaneously. The ability to stop downloading and to continue from where it was previously stopped is one of the features found in the Turbo Download Manager. This software will use the best open connection to download files.

The Turbo Download Manager download manager supports the default browser, Dolphin Browser, Firefox browser, SkyFree browser, Miren browser, UC Browser, Boat browser, and more.