Lightweight and stylish launcher Turbo Launcher® Premium 

Turbo Launcher® Premium, as its name implies, is a stylish, stylish and fast launcher for your Android phone. With great features along with low volume and lightweight and fast, it’s the perfect choice for a home screen phone. Your Android is highly customizable.


atributies :

  • Increasing the number of home screens to 9 pages with the possibility of moving
  • Display 7 beautiful effects when switching between home screens
  • Download the Turbo Exclusive Turbo Collection from the Market
  • Classic Clock widget, Task Claire and Calendar
  • Hide unused application icons
  • Showing 21 different effects when moving in the software menu section
  • Ability to folder software based on their application
  • Quick and easy removal of software through their icons
  • Specify the layout of the software icon layout

Sometimes users will be able to create the look and feel of the launcher in order to beautify the appearance of their phone. This time, we intend to introduce a fascinating and fast launcher that is higher than the speed of one head and neck from other launchers. “Turbo Launcher” has a very high speed, and this performance will certainly make you wonder when working with this launcher. Several options are available for customization in the Turbo Launcher, so you can bring them the look of the launcher to your taste.