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Two Dots v2.14.1 MOD Apk is Available !

And addictive puzzle game Two Dots

The regular version + version mode

More than 10 million active installations on Google Play

Intellectual beautiful and interesting gameplay

Two Dots is a very interesting and thought-provoking and, of course, is a puzzle gameplay has been designed and built by the company Playdots game. This game is famous by The New York Times Magazine, as well as an addictive game, making the technology magazine TechCrunch as a beta Framework and has been named a cute monsters. The game interface is very simple but a thought is created for smooth and you will be entertained for hours!

Download Game Two Dots

Features :

  • Play for FREE
  • Ability to create different weapons to each other by connecting the dots
  • Simple gameplay for adventure
  • More than 485 addictive level and stage
  • The gameplay is incredibly fun and laudable
  • Enjoy a minimalist design for Flat and Float
  • Music and music relaxing and fun
  • Play with your figure and tastes great movements
  • Ability to challenge friends to play
  • Defeat the other players and earn medals
  • Ability to create lines or squares, not only circle
  • Connect the dots of the same color together
  • Two-dimensional graphics are colorful and beautiful
  • Engaging and fun gameplay


Game Two Dots gameplay and story is very interesting because it is about two points! To the north and south poles of these two brave that are circulating around and join the two in the woods fiery adventurer and dive into the depths of the ocean in a game, but with seventy different countries participate! In this game you can make a point to point data connection and sync with the rest of the line, or even fire a bomb right now! In game two points you need from a wide range of different parts, those that are the same color are connected to each other and to the extent specified get to the finish! Each stage of the game includes different puzzles with different colored spots that invite you to a fun challenge!

Do not forget to move in the game is limited and you have to earn the most points fewest moves.

Two Dots (3)Two Dots (4)
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