Arcade & Addiction Two Dots 

Over 10,000,000 active installations in Google Play

Beautiful and interesting intellectual gameplay 

Two Dots is a very interesting and thought-provoking game, and of course with a puzzle gameplay developed by Playdots . The game is named by the famous New York Times Magazine as an addictive and successful game, as well as by Tech Ken Tech Tech Tech, as a beta-work and a beautiful monster. The game has been created from a very simple but thought-provoking interface and interface that runs smoothly and will keep you entertained for hours!

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Two-point game features

  • The game is completely free
  • The possibility of building different weapons by connecting points to each other
  • Simple adventure gameplay
  • More than 485 laps and the addiction stage
  • Extremely fun and adorable gameplay
  • Enjoy a floating and floating minimal design
  • Relaxing and entertaining music and music
  • Play with your figuur and taste with great movements
  • Ability to challenge friends to the game
  • Defeat other players and earn medals
  • The possibility of making a line or square, not just a circle
  • Connect the same colored dots together
  • Colorful and beautiful two-dimensional graphics
  • Fun and entertaining gameplay

Two Dots gameplay

Game Description Two Dots gameplay and story is very interesting because it is about two points! Join these brave points that are circling around the north and south poles, and join the adventure of these two in the jungle, and dive into the depths of the ocean in a game, but with seventy different countries! In this game you can connect a point to another point and also connect the other points together and create a line, a bomb or even a fire! In the game of two points you must connect between the range of different points, the ones that are colored and set to the specified limit, until the stage is over! Each stage of the game includes different puzzles with different color points that invites you to the fun challenge!

Do not forget that in the game you have limited movement and you must get the lowest points to get the most points.