The latest version of Ubuntu Style Launcher

The Android operating system is a very flexible operating system, and you can easily change it by installing a program. One of the most popular applications in this field is launcher, which allows you to change the look of your phone well.

The Ubuntu Style Launcher app is an awesome launcher that can change the look of your phone into the Ubuntu OS. The Ubuntu operating system is Linux-based and looks like the same. The developer previously released Lancer to turn the look of the phone into a computer, and now you can see your phone with the appearance of the Ubuntu operating system using this app. The first is to make it easier and easier for the phone to install this langer. So that a start menu is placed next to the page and you can quickly access the programs and different parts of the phone using it.

Ubuntu Style Launcher Download the Ubuntu layout launcher

Features of Ubuntu Style Launcher

  • Start menu
  • Change the appearance of the phone to the Ubuntu operating system
  • Show programs in tiles in the Start menu
  • Quickly display the most used apps
  • File management support
  • Ability to explore phone files with all the features of a file manager
  • View the list of all memory resources
  • Ability to transfer files to the trash and clean them up quickly
  • Supports Zip Zip
  • View Announcements at Notification Center
  • Has various themes and wallpapers
  • View a variety of clock widgets and weather
  • Faster and easier to use
  • And other facilities

As stated above, Ubuntu Style Launcher is an awesome launcher that lets you customize your phone’s look like the Ubuntu operating system.A starter menu will be provided to you to view the list of programs in the form of various tiles and simply access to your most popular applications. Also, a manager file with all the features is also available in It will be available to you to easily access different parts of your phone memory. In the notification area, you can also find all the widgets you want and get the latest information.