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Uret Patcher is a dedicated patch for patching and cracking some Android apps. Uret Patcher has a dedicated patch for some of the most important apps and completely shakes these programs. The Uret Patcher function is like the Pocket Lacquer Cartoon Component. The chances of patching apps are very high with this app. The new version also has the ability to patch up and fix the licensing problem for other apps, which is why its function is similar to Lucky Patch. This program certainly needs to be rooted , and some patches also require the activation of the Yurt module in the Box  .

Another important feature of this app is the ability to hide crack apps such as Lucky Patcher, Freedom, Game Killer from other apps.



  • The proprietary Pew Android Apps
  • Patch up to 7 different methods
  • Applicable on Android 7
  • Apply patches with just one click
  • Make In-App Payments

  1. Action Launcher 3
  2. AIDA64
  3. AIDE IDE For Android
  4. AndFTPPro Key
  5. Apex Launcher
  6. AppLock
  7. AppMgr Pro III
  8. ArkTube
  9. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio
  10. Avast Mobile Security
  11. Avira Antivirus Security
  12. BitTorrent
  13. Call Recorder License ACR
  14. Call Recorder Skvalex
  15. Cameringo+ Effects Camera
  16. Chomp SMS
  17. DigiCal Calendar
  18. Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia
  19. EDS Encrypted Data Store
  20. Elevate Brain Training
  21. EvolveSMS
  22. EX Kernel Manager
  23. Facetune
  24. Flight Radar Flight Tracker
  25. Floating Windows Pro
  26. Focus Picture Gallery
  27. Franco Kernel Updater
  28. Gallery Vault
  29. Game Killer
  30. GLTools
  31. GoldenDict
  32. Greenify Donation Key
  33. Internet Speed Meter
  34. JetAudio Music Player Plus
  35. Jota+ Text Editor
  36. Link2SD Plus Key
  37. Lumosity Brain Training
  38. Mi Band Tools
  39. MultiWindow Commander
  40. MX Player Pro
  41. NetGuard
  42. Next Launcher 3D
  43. Nova Launcher
  44. N7Player Music Player
  45. PicsArt Photo Studio
  46. Poweramp Music Player
  47. RAR For Android
  48. ROM Toolbox Pro
  49. Root Call SMS Manager
  50. Shuttle Music Player
  51. Solid Explorer File Manager
  52. Stellio Music Player
  53. Subway Surfers
  54. Talon For Twitter
  55. Tapet Infinite Wallpapers
  56. Temple Run 2
  57. Textra SMS
  58. Titanium Backup
  59. TouchPal Keyboard
  60. TTorrent Lite
  61. USB Audio Player Pro
  62. UTorrent
  63. Vault Hide SMS, Pics & Videos
  64. Wicap Network Sniffer Pro
  65. ZetaTorrent Pro

The following apps require the root + extension:

  1. Action Launcher 3
  2. AppMgr Pro III
  3. Cameringo + Effects Camera
  4. DigiCal Calendar
  5. GoldenDict
  6. Greenify Donation Key
  7. Jota + Text Editor
  8. Link2SD Plus Key
  9. Mi Band Tools
  10. Poweramp Music Player
  11. Tapet Infinite Wallpapers

Video Tutorial Hacking In-App Payments:

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