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VivaVideo PRO Video Editor v7.7.1 Apk is Available !

Editing and mixing videos on Android with VivaVideo Pro Video Editor

The latest full version of Viva Video Pro software with all the features purchased

It’s likely that many times you’ve been trying to edit the movies you took with your camera. But because of the lack of a proper program for doing this, you have been discouraged from doing so. But this time on the top Android platform, the VivaVideo Pro Video Editor, we have made it easy for you to apply any edits you want to make on the video.

VivaVideo PRO Video Editor HD v6.2.0 Viva Video Editor

Features of the PRO Viva Video Pro

  • Putting watermark on the name of the software on videos: In the regular version of your Viva Video app, you will install a watermark from your own name on all the videos you save. But in the professional version (released in the iPad version), we see that no watermarks are added to the videos.
  • Unlimited time: In the regular version, the videos you enter into the application must have a limited time, and if this is longer than the default time of the program, it will be automatically discontinued. In the ProViva video version, this time has been removed and you can import videos of unlimited duration to the program.

Top Features of Viva Video

  • Having a camera for selfies with 7 awesome filtersThis section is highly recommended for those who love Salafi images. In this application, it is a part of taking pictures of selfies that make it possible to get awesome images, especially in this section, 7 awesome and beautiful filters are included to make use of these filters, whatever Make it more beautiful.
  • Customize videos using animated stickers, titles, FX, music, live dubbing and other effects.All the tools necessary to personalize videos are included in this software. Just set your goal! And then start making a beautiful video.You can put music on the videos you create, listening to your favorite music while watching the video.
  • Make a very attractive video from images with just a few simple cakesThe ability to make video from the images inside the phone is also included in this app. Most likely, you’ve got a lot of pictures taken by your camera, who are interested in seeing them as a slide. VivaVideo Pro Video Editor can do this for you. Just select the photos you want to display in the video to make it easy for the app with a few simple clicks.

Viva Video Key Features

  • Creative and fun video camera

The program has an internal camera, which allows users to easily and easily capture beautiful photos by putting the tools on the market. There are over 60 beautiful and attractive effects on the camera, while you can get new effects in online mode.

  • Quick video maker of images

VivaVideo Pro Video Editor can even create beautiful video slideshows in less than 1 minute from the images you are looking for. Various tools are included in this software to do this by using them you can create slideshows to your own personal taste.

  • Create video image in image

If you’ve made clips already, you can easily integrate them together with the VivaVideo Pro Video Editor software. This software allows you to put your short clips together beautifully and make it all the more beautiful with its unique effects.

  • Video editor; Simple but powerful!

The main part of the VivaVideo Pro Video Editor is this section, with which you will be able to edit videos to your taste. Using this section, you can choose between the two beginner or professional user modes, and then select the one that you want to edit. The ability to create assemblies on videos is also included in the Viva Video app and you can turn your videos into the most beautiful possible form. Choose from a dozen effects, filters, and themes to give your videos a unique glitter. You can save your work while editing videos so you can resume it anytime later.

  • Getting Out and Sharing Videos

One of the important parts of the video editor software is its output section. With VivaVideo Pro Video Editor, you can stream videos from your favorite video formats to make it video after rendering in your phone’s gallery. On the other hand, you can share videos made on various social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, or email with your friends so that they can view the videos as well.

Download files with direct link

Apk all VIP features – Size: 16.58 MB

Apk HD version purchased – Size: 31.11 megabytes

Apk old purchased 5.8.4 with 720p output capability – Size: 38.33 MB

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